MGetEnergy Guide: Optimizing Solar Panel Performance with Tilt and Orientation

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7th April , 2024

At MGetEnergy, we know maximizing your solar power output is a top priority. Two crucial factors play a key role: panel orientation and tilt angle. Let's explore how to find the perfect setup for your needs!

Sunshine Direction: Aligning Your Panels for Success

Solar panel orientation refers to their direction relative to north, south, east, and west. Here's what you need to know:

  • Northern Hemisphere (including India): South is king! South-facing panels receive the most sunlight throughout the day in the Northern Hemisphere. In India, a slight eastward tilt can capture valuable morning sun.

  • Southern Hemisphere (like Australia): North is your friend! Here, north-facing panels soak up the most sunshine. Don't forget to consider local shading from buildings or trees.

Finding the Tilt Angle Sweet Spot

The tilt angle determines how directly your panels face the sun. Here's a quick way to determine a preliminary tilt angle:

  • Latitude Rule: A simple approach is to set the tilt angle equal to your latitude. For example, in Delhi (around 28.6° N latitude), a 28.6-degree tilt is a good starting point. This ensures your panels receive maximum sunlight year-round.

Taking it a Step Further: Seasonal Adjustments

For even better performance, consider seasonal tweaks:

  • Spring/Fall: Maintain the tilt angle based on your latitude.

  • Summer: Reduce the tilt by 15 degrees from your spring/fall setting to capture more direct midday sunlight.

  • Winter: Increase the tilt by 15 degrees from your spring/fall setting to better face the lower winter sun.

Harnessing the Power of Online Tools

Solar angle calculators can provide a more precise tilt angle based on your specific location. These tools factor in solar irradiance and seasonal variations for a fine-tuned approach. Remember, these calculators might not account for shading from nearby objects.

Why Orientation and Tilt Matter

Optimizing orientation and tilt significantly impacts your solar energy production:

  • Energy Boost: Panels angled correctly capture more sunlight, translating to higher power output.

  • Space Efficiency: Proper tilt can minimize the space needed for installation, maximizing your rooftop real estate.

  • Cost Considerations: While high-efficiency panels may have a higher upfront cost, their increased output can lead to better returns on investment over time.

Remember, solar panel efficiency plays a role, but the overall wattage rating remains the primary factor in power production. Do your research, consult MGetEnergy's experts, and make informed decisions to maximize your solar investment! Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you harness the power of the sun!

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