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MAXOPTIMUS - Driving India Towards a Sustainable Future

MAXOPTIMUS has designed and delivered solar energy solutions to MNC, PSU's, nuclear power station, hydroelectric power startion, hospital, and institutions.

Almost all the industries are suitable for solar power system installation, but warehouse is one that is the better suited than almost all other industries beacuse of massive flat roof surface with less aggressive pitch. Warehouse with refrigerated (cold storage) use more power. Warehouse powered with solar power system stand to have huge saving on electricity bills.

In residential rooftop as the energy consumption increases, tariff increases in corresponding slabs. For residential one can have a grid-connected system – generating required electricity and exporting excess power generated to the grid (through netmetering). NETMETERING framework is offered by a state through the DISCOM and DISCOM pays the customers retail price.

Solar Power for Industries

Industrial solar rooftops can provide significant energy savings to businesses. In this system, typically there is an inverter, which converts the DC solar power generated by photovoltaic solar panels into AC power to be used for the building utility power needs. This type of installation is particularly suited for warehouses, as they have massive flat roof structures, with a suitable pitch for solar panel installation. Refrigerated warehouses or Cold storages with high energy consumption characteristics benefit the most from this rooftop installation. Our solar cold storage solution runs on a photovoltaic array and can be supplied with a thermal storage backup for chilling commodities.

A rooftop installation also reduces the direct sunlight falling on the building roof, which in turn reduces the load on building air conditioning for cooling during summers, helping to reduce your energy bills further. Our custom solar rooftop installations have assisted many commercial and industrial clients in achieving their sustainability goals. Businesses installing commercial and industrial solar power systems in their premises can meet their RPOs (Renewable Power Obligations) easily by demonstrating a higher proportion of renewable energy in their energy portfolio.

Why MAXOPTIMUS Solar System?

Our job isn’t done when the solar power system is installed, with MOSST you gain an energy independence partner for life. We are renewable energy technology integrator company, helping our customers to take advantage of energy technologies new and old to improve their lives, manage their finance and become more efficient. It’s a lifelong endeavour of providing services.

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