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Off-Grid Solar Power System

An off-grid system is independent of the electric grid, but meets the user’s full electricity demand. To store excess power for use at night or when the system isn’t able to be fulfill electricity demand, a battery is connected, often supported by a back-up generator or other energy source.

Due to the complexity and reduced flexibility of off-grid systems, they are most commonly used for remote locations, or to power buildings or equipment with a consistent energy need.

Why MAXOPTIMUS Solar System?

Our job isn’t done when the solar power system is installed, with MOSST you gain an energy independence partner for life. We are renewable energy technology integrator company, helping our customers to take advantage of energy technologies new and old to improve their lives, manage their finance and become more efficient. It’s a lifelong endeavour of providing services.

Why Work With Us?

  • Years of Project Experience
  • High Quality Installation Work
  • Trusted by Large Enterprises
  • Free Consultation with Reliability
  • India's Leading Solar System Instalattion Company

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