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Industrial Solar System

Maxoptimus has designed and delivered solar energy solutions as an alternate source of energy(on-grid, off-grid/hybrid battery storage technology) to MNC, PSU's, nuclear power station, hydroelectric power startion, hospital, institutions and residentials for project size ranging from 1-kw to utility scale.

Solar energy system is a long term investment. Safegaurding, it means selecting solution provider that provides reliable solution with exceptional quality and modular design so that the solar energy system can be extended in future as the need grows. Our solar energy solutions provide reliable system and annual energy yeild that are exceptionally high.

Why MAXOPTIMUS Solar System?

Our job isn’t done when the solar power system is installed, with MOSST you gain an energy independence partner for life. We are renewable energy technology integrator company, helping our customers to take advantage of energy technologies new and old to improve their lives, manage their finance and become more efficient. It’s a lifelong endeavour of providing services.

Why Work With Us?

  • Years of Project Experience
  • High Quality Installation Work
  • Trusted by Large Enterprises
  • Free Consultation with Reliability
  • India's Leading Solar System Instalattion Company

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