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Hybrid Solar Power System

A hybrid solar power system fundamentally produces electricity from your solar panels during times of good sunlight or daytime and stores it in a battery energy storage solution. When your battery is fully charged, you can utilize any extra solar power to power your home's appliances. If there is still any excess power left, it can be exported to the government power utility grid.

The power backup capability of a hybrid solar system is its most significant advantage. It implies that, even in the event of a power outage, you can continue to use electricity uninterrupted.

When your utility grid is shut off, you will use the stored energy in your battery as a source of backup power. All the advantages of a grid-tied system are available with hybrid solar systems, which also offer power backup in the event of a power outage.

The on-grid or grid-tied solar system turns off during a power outage. You will need additional components like a DG diesel generator in order to generate electricity, as solar panels and batteries by themselves are insufficient.

Our Solar hybrid systems are innovative and ultra-modern, they are totally programmable and can be custom-engineered by our in-house designers and engineers. We supply the best quality battery storage solutions which will give you an advantage in terms of the dependability, affordability, and robustness.

Why MAXOPTIMUS Solar System?

Our job isn't done when the solar power system is installed, with MOSST you gain an energy independence partner for life. We are renewable energy technology integrator company, helping our customers to take advantage of energy technologies new and old to improve their lives, manage their finance and become more efficient. It’s a lifelong endeavour of providing services.

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